Hello Churchill, Manitoba!

WIAdmin, 29. August 2017

Churchill is known as the „world capital of polar bears“. But in the subarctic summer, arround 4,000 white whales (Belugas) come near by this village on the Churchill River to raise the new born whales. Kerstin Meyer and Reinhard Mink will observe this for us:


Its also possible to encounter polar bears during the summermonths. The white dots to the left of the sign is a group of belugas.

The first day in Churchill, Manitoba. It felt a bit like pre-winter when arriving at the airport. Today it feels like an early summer day!


Reini & Kerstin

This made it easy to acclimatise and orient ourselves.
From the beach we could already see the first Belugas. There must be a large number of animals that are gathering here in the Hudson Bay and in the mouth of the Churchill River.

Here the Belugas and their calfs are protected! And they can eat – a fish called „Capelin“. This fish migrates into the river mouth of the Churchill River.

The visibility under water is still very modest. Nature is not always following our thoughts and wishes – so we will take it as it is … and try to make the best of it.

More about the Belugas, Capelin and Churchill in the coming days …Reini


A group of belugas in front of the beach