Day 16 – July 25, 2017 Between cotton-grass and fog

WIAdmin, 5. August 2017

The ocean of cotton-grass that surrounds our tents is simply a really impressive picture. Only the red of the tent is a contrast to the bright white sea of blossoms. We continue our journey, but after the next curve we have to stop. Our maps have gotten drenched. Damn.

We carefully spread them out on the sand bank to dry, but really we don’t have any time for that, because we still have a lot of miles to cover on the river. But of course if you are in trouble, you become inventive. Achim, Milam and Robert hold the maps up carefully, while Tobi manoevers the gas cooker underneath them – with enough distance so they don’t catch fire but also enough heat. In this way, within a short period of time, our important maps are useful again. So let’s go!

It becomes a very long day, and also impressive. It is cold, it rains, and we freeze. But we have to continue on. Once we get on the river there is no going back. We fight on the river in the wilderness for 12 hours. Here, in the largest wilderness area of the earth – what a notion! We will be telling our grandchildren about this when we are old. We give everything for the protection of this wilderness! A great feeling!

Light fog floats over the river and turns this paradise into a fairytale land as we fall asleep.

Central Arctic Arktis Kanada


Central Arctic Arktis Kanada

Central Arctic Arktis Kanada