Florian Reza, 30. August 2013

The “Avatar Grove”, named after the movie, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, is one of the most impressive ancient forests on the island. The 1 square kilometer area is a few kilometers north of Port Renfrew, and comprised mostly of Douglas firs and giant cedars. Our expedition group visited the area as part… Mehr

Florian Reza, 25. August 2013

We still had our last ride ahead of us, back to Toba Inlet, where we would take the Zodiac back to Campbell River. But until then we still had a few things to do. We started breaking camp early in order to store all of our things in the boat as best as we could…. Mehr

Florian Reza, 24. August 2013

Klaus Weichbrodt, CEO of Globetrotter Köln, and Ole Schulz, Head of Marketing for Globetrotter Köln, decided once again this year to travel to the nature preserve of Wilderness international. You can read here what they have to say about their trip to the Toba Valley Hello Klaus and Ole! What was your first impression of… Mehr

Florian Reza, 23. August 2013

  The other side of the Toba River, 50 meters away as the crow flies, but with the boat it is further than we think because we once again have to fight the strong current. This time, however, with 8 people in the boat – it’s a little test for the ride back to Toba… Mehr

Florian Reza, 22. August 2013

Tracks. Everywhere there are tracks. Gudrun walks around our camp and shows us the bear tracks made by a mother and her two cubs. Last night, they passed about 30 meters away from our “kitchen”. “Well behaved,” Gudrun calls them, because it doesn’t look like they tried to search for any food in our camp,… Mehr

Florian Reza, 21. August 2013

We awaken in the wilderness for the first time. The river is rushing and we are happy that our destination, the confluence of the Little Toba River and the Toba River, is not far: 4 Kilometers as the crow flies, and 9 kilometers upriver in our little boat. We will find out exactly how far… Mehr

Florian Reza, 20. August 2013

It is 4am and somehow the journey into the distance and the expanse of the Canadian wilderness begins here. We packed all of the important things we will need for the expedition in four bags, one bin and one duffel. This year, the team comprises of Kai Andersch, Hans Dierstein (both from the Managing Board… Mehr

Florian Reza, 19. August 2013

Der „Avatar-Grove“, benannt nach dem gleichnamigen Film, an der Westküste von Vancouver Island ist eines der beeindruckendsten Urwaldgebiete der Insel. Ein paar Kilometer nördlich von Port Renfrew erstreckt sich das ca. 1 km² weite Gebiet, welches zu einem großen Teil aus Douglasien, Riesenlebensbäumen und Zedern besteht. Unsere Expeditionsgruppe besuchte das Gebiet im Rahmen ihres 11-tägigen… Mehr